Pain Relief without Medical Intervention

"It's not just Yoga, we learn HOW the body moves and avoid injuries as a result."

"I took pain pills every night to go to sleep for ten years for my debilitating back pain. After two months at Oroville Yoga Center, I was no longer taking pain pills."

"All the teachers are very knowledgable and carry integrity in their teaching of proper body biomechanics."

"The Myofascial Release/Release + Restore classes are my favorite. It's like giving yourself a massage and I leave feeling so relaxed!"

  • Release Endorphins

  • Enhance Core Strength

  • Relieve Joint Pressure

  • Improve Breath Awareness

  • Create Overall Strength in the Body

  • Feel Relaxed

  • And So Much More

Get a custom therapeutic treatment for YOUR body. We will go through all of your ranges of motion, target weak/tight areas and give you accessible work to put balance back into your body. These sessions can used for accupressure and connective tissue release as well, let our provider help you melt your tension away. Private sessions are also a GREAT option during COVID times to still get movement in while having social distance.

Shoot us a text or give us a call to book your private session:

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